As a self-taught designer, maker and artist working with fine woods, I strive to create uniquely beautiful works that blend form and function. Each project starts with a mental image. I let my “mind’s eye” direct each project as the design evolves. Visualization is my sixth sense. While my creative approach is intuitive, I express my creativity through physical, hands-on craftsmanship honed by years of practice, which can be detected in the fine details in each piece.

I have always had an innate desire to create with my hands. At home, my family instilled in me the values of hard work and practicality. I developed skill using tools and machinery as they spoke to me. These early lessons---that beauty and usefulness are two sides of the same coin---still guide me. I work hard at crafting my own creative path, teaching myself most of what I know.

Each project is approached with the attitude of an artist. I have an individual way of thinking as a designer. My signature woodworking traits: contrasting woods, curved legs, old school joinery techniques (mortise and tenon and cross-lapping) added to the design elements; compliment my inherent artistic ability. 

“Inspiration comes from the wood itself and my ability to transform a raw material into a functional piece of art while pushing the boundaries of traditional looking furniture.”