Springtime Preparation

It is now early April, and we had a busy March painting the main gallery rooms, and adding many new artists to our collection.  We have wonderful sitting and reading areas for perusing the art books and magazines that relate to our artists and their work, and the areas around Redstone to explore.  When you enter the gallery now, you will see many of the artists' work displayed in new ways, with a much better flow to the gallery space.  We have integrated a number of new artists into the space with attention to how they work with the other artists' style and palettes, as well as the subject matter that is the beauty of the area surrounding Redstone.  

It is now time for us to start cleaning the grounds and preparing for spring and summer, and our busy schedule of classes, workshops, and demonstrations.  Stop by and learn about our new artists, many of them from the valley area, but also from other parts of the country.  We look forward to full and active Spring and Summer seasons!

Michael and Stephanie