Pencil drawings are Ruth’s passion. She loves the simple, yet elegant way that your eye is not distracted by color – focusing on the emotion, shape and form. “Black and white is a timeless medium for capturing the world around us, and helps us see the true heart of a subject”.

Ruth started drawing as a child, and loves the west, where her heritage is, and where she has spent her whole life. She has taught at the local College, instructed at local schools, done many art shows, and has served as an ‘Artist in Residence’. She has been a member of the Glenwood Springs Art Guild since 1987, and has continued to be a supporter of the arts in the Valley every year. She raised her family in the country, along the Colorado River, and now brings her grandchildren to that same location to experience the freedom of ‘room to play’. She loves to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors, through backpacking, biking, rafting, skiing, snowshoeing and hiking.

Ruth chooses to focus on realism, bringing moments to life through images that represent everyday life for those who are fortunate enough to travel to, or make the west their home. She has done many commission pieces, including portraiture, landscapes, livestock, and architectural structures. She hopes that her images will bring you much joy.