I was first introduced to wood turning in High School shop class. To encourage me, my parents bought me a small lathe on which I turned sporadically for the next 40+ years while working around college, career and family. I developed a passion for segmented turning when I attended a symposium given by the late Ray Allen, perhaps the all time master of southwestern style segmented turning I discovered the standard stacked ring method of making a bowl from a single board, which led me to the work of Michael Mode who inspired my Loops, Wedges & Circles series.  While doing traditional segmented work, I had long thought about how I could create a spiral design using standard segmented techniques but never found a solution that I was satisfied with. One day a wood turner’s supply catalog came in the mail with a picture of a gorgeous spiral patterned bowl. Hal Metlizky had made the bowl, but nothing was available on Hal’s work except pictures. I spent 6 months trying to figure out how to make this type bowl getting a little help from Dennis Edwards and Tom Lohman. I made and threw away several attempts before I finally got a satisfactory result. The method is basically a modified stacked ring with slight rotation to create the desired design.  Today, most of my turnings are one of three types – Traditional segmented, standard stacked ring and rotated stacked ring.  In all of these methods, I laminate differently colored woods to create designs and effects that simply do not exist in nature. I like to think of the use of differently colored woods as painting with wood. I hope you enjoy my “paintings” as much as I enjoy making them.

Ron MacKendrick